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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a specific web site address that one chooses and registers with any one of the official registrars of domain names in India ending in .com,.edu, and .gov. typically, the www.yourwebsite.com format is used. Other extensions are used for different type’s organizations: .org, for organizations .gov for government, .info for general information .edu for educational, & .biz for business are few of the more commonly used.It is easy to register a URL or domain name but often many names are already in use and you may not be able to get your first choice for your business or personal use

Within how many days can you complete a website and make it online?

Within Fifteen (7) working days we can conceptualize, create and complete your website ready to be hosted online .provided all the data, images and feedback is provided by the client in advance or in time. The timescale of a website project is generally dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will endeavor to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation of a website is waiting for content (text/image) to be sent to us by the client

Do you offer any type of discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts only for Non – Commercial Organizations based only in Goa, Genuine Charitable Institutions doing charity in Goa, Non Profit organizations registered and functioning in Goa and all religious bodies and spiritual organizations of all religions of Goa

Web Site Content – What to write about my business?

Website Content would depend on the goals of your web site. If you run a business website you would include as much information about your products or services that your customers would need to purchase or engage services from you. In a Website, where you have a few paragraphs to speak in detail about your business, in which to tell your story, every single word counts. The skills of paraphrasing and precise – writing are very important. We also undertake rewriting and editing of ready content, or effective changes required in existing Websites.

Do I need to buy Domain Name and Hosting with us only

Client can buy the domain name or server space from whomsoever you wish to purchase it from. We can do your website designing and development and get your website hosted online wherever you wish to.We purchase your domain name and server space on your behalf from our internet service providers and all details are forwarded when they are available.

Do you sell standalone server web space for hosting our designed websites?

NO. We are Designing & Development Company . We are interested in getting your new website designed according to your needs or we are willing to redesign your existing website to suit your standards

I would like to only register one or more domain names with you? Do you allow only Domain Name Registration Service?

NO. We do NOT register only domain names. We do not provide the registration of exclusive domain names only with us. As a business policy of ours, we register domain names for clients only when they we are designing and developing their complete website with our agency. The charges for domain names are all inclusive within the designing package rates.

Do you provide complete website designing and hosting solutions?

YES. We provide complete website solutions. It is best to take our complete website packages giving end to end web solutions under one roof. Our complete website packages includes registering of domain name, providing server space, creating email id, designing and development of complete website with as many Webpages you need, finally uploading and hosting your website online on the internet.

What are the yearly recurring charges for keeping my new website online?

Yearly Domain Name Charges are recurring every year and they are effective as per the domain name renewal charges existing on the Internet every year. Also nominal server space charges are recurring every year. Both the recurring and renewable charges are specified in detail at the time of Building Website Consultation with Client

Do we have to pay designing charges for our new website every year?

Website designing charges are one time only. We design and develop your website for hosting online on the internet. We charge you only once for the website designing.

Do i have to fill in any forms or sign any documents for getting my business or personal website designed by OhMyGoa Team?

Yes. You have to fill in a Domain Name Registration Form specifying your request for the same. The specific website designing package you choose that Website Designing Package Offer you have to receive a copy and sign on another copy. You have to read, agree and sign the Website Designing Terms & Conditions document.

Is updating a website different from maintenance of a website?

Yes. They are both different. They are not the same.
Updating is when any client wants to change textual matter, still photos, digital videos or any other content on their concerned website and they want this work to be undertaken and accomplished by our web design agency. Updating charges apply as per quantum of work.
Maintenance of website refers to as and when any hardware or software breakdown is there, then that particular maintenance of hardware or software needs to be attended to by hardware technicians or software technicians. Maintenance charges may apply.

Does the Customer have control over his website?

Yes. The customer has complete control over his website. On completion of website, and only on full payment of designing & hosting charges, then client is provided with website design on a CD for backup. FTP Login Details for accessing server are provided as and when needed on request.

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