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We Changing the way you build websites.
Learning & Development industry is complicated, with varying structures,
Shifting priorities, disruptive technologies and multiple audiences to appease.
A lot to keep tabs on, and it’s becoming increasingly more complex as new skills and new ways of learning emerge.

What We Offer

We build e-commerce marketing solutions

  • Our flagship product are  “e-commerce marketing solutions” targeted at multiple verticals and  business models. We build e-commerce marketing solutions which help you across 5 key aspects of your Business:
  • Brand Value
  • Sales Channels
  • Marketing Reach
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Customer Experience

Available Marketing Solutions 

  • E-commerce Marketing Solution

  • E-rental Marketing Solution

  • E-learning Marketing Solution

  • E-service Marketing Solution

Organizations grow and change in predictable ways,moving through various phases and cycles  of development. Each
phase requires growing skills for the organization’s  and employees. Knowing how to identify where your
organization is, and more importantly, the next phase it’ growing into will help you anticipate business  and
be ready with the right marketing solutions.

A modern environment gives consumers the ability to access content over the internet
on their own terms.with advances in technology, on-demand,self directed mobile purchases  is now an expectation.
Online identity is key to how people LEARN & EARN today across the globe, and it fits in nicely with the
fast-paced digital workplace. Mobile devices have reshaped how employees and consumers access information and buy
resources,available and the number is only growing and it has  actually helped increase adoption of ONLINE SERVICES

We endeavor to enable businesses all across GOA  to realize their potential. and provide the best-in-class Internet Marketing Solutions, leveraging technology and paramount expertise.

  • Extensive Onsite Offshore IT Services Experience
    • Infinity Online Solution has been working for managing Offshore IT Services since several years now.
    • We act as an extension of our clients Software Development or IT team.
    • We provide customized services based on your team size and requirements
    • Established processes and systems for providing services to clients.
  • Extensive Onsite Offshore IT Services Experience
    • Innovation – We craft a unique experience for each of our clients. With an expertise in the field, we are well-versed in constructing an innovative presence for businesses.
    • Engineering – We only recruit software engineers and quality analysts with a strong engineering academic background.There is a continuous up gradation of our engineering and technical skills
    • Management – We are very well known for having a track record of sticking to deadlines and delivering milestones and deliverables on or before the stipulated deadlines. Our management team keeps a track record of each and every parameter associated with the project.
    • Quality – We are a process driven company and have well defined and established process framework which includes processes for:
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Project Management Lifecycle (PMLC)
  • Process Management Lifecycle (POLC)
  • Quality Assurance Lifecycle (QALC)

We strictly define and maintain the process framework at the organizational level. Our team sincerely follows all the policies. We conduct audits and reviews of each project and implement the learnings in modifying it as well as for new projects.

  • Transparency – We strive to keep a clear visibility of project status and activities to the client.We use project management tools with access provided to the client so that they clearly see the status of the project and tasks
  • Teamwork – Our team is our greatest asset and we are proud of each team member of our organization. We conduct a few activity which promotes creativity and innovation.
  • Leadership – Our focus is on creating leaders of tomorrow.We identify perfect skills in our human resource who have a potential to become project leaders, managers, technical leaders or architects.We provide all the members with required training and assistance.
  • Experience – We ensure that we have all the engineers well trained and well skilled in the areas including, planning, monitoring and control, risk and issue management, quality management, configuration management, and necessary project management practices.
  • Strong Project Management Team
    • Taking over projects from client resources on-site.
    • Crafting a complete setup with effective project environment and communication mechanism off-shore & on-site.
    • Building project teams on-site & off-shore and setting-up off-shore development centers.
    • Providing training resources off-shore so as to get more accurate results with smart work guidance.
    • We prefer to be clear in terms of project or engagement scope, success criteria, deliverables, timelines, cost and quality guidelines to provide development, maintenance, support or quality assurance services.
    • Macro and Micro planning of project or engagement, and effective risk and issue management to achieve project success criteria.
    • Keeping a track record of stand-up meetings, status meetings with client and internally, tracking project plans and taking corrective actions as and when necessary, time tracking and status reporting as per client needs.
    • Effective project documentation
    • We believe in being interactive. It helps us to get early feedback from the customers to identify risks and fix problems early in the lifecycle.
  • Ethical, Best Practices & Pro-Active Approach –
    • We have established processes based on seasoned process frameworks:
    • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
    • Software Maintenance Lifecycle (SMLC)
    • Software Quality Assurance Lifecycle (SQALC)
    • Software Support Lifecycle (SSLC)
    • We have built passionate and process driven teams including project managers, leaders, developers and quality analysts.
    • Our team cleverly analyses proactive Risk and Issue Management to identify problems and bugs early in the lifecycle.
    • We believe in learning and improving constantly.
Passionate  about Work and Life
Take Ownership, be Accountable
Personal and Professional and Spiritual Growth:
Constant Learning from Clients and Employees Alike
  • Brand Consulting 80% 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 90% 90%
  • Custom Website Design 70% 70%
  • Generate Online Sales 70% 70%

E-commerce Marketing Solution

Sell Products Online

  • Display your products & services in detail with descriptions, images, videos.
  • Offer special product or service bundles, setup discounts, coupons & online sales.
  • Manage your orders online & receive payments to your bank account.

E-rental Marketing Solution


Rent Products Online

  • Rent and display unlimited products.
  • Manage rental products using booking calendar & Control product availability.
  • Offer special product or service bundles, setup discounts, coupons & online sales.
  • Receive payments & advances directly to your bank account across the globe.

E-learning Marketing Solution

Sell Courses Online

  • Create, Manage and Provide courses online using any media of your choice – Video, Text, Image or Audio.
  • Receive fees and payments online.
  • Set quizzes, exams, grading & certifications.
  • Monitor instructors, students and feedback on those courses.

E-services Marketing Solution


Sell Services Online

  • Send online quotations & invoices with client comments.
  • Manage clients, projects & billing online.
  • Track activities performed for clients.
  • Trigger automatic reminders towards payments.
  • Receive payments directly in your bank accounts.

Awesome Online Business Benefits

Brand Value Reputation
Improve Branding

Your Own Internet Identity

Your own domain name ( establishes a strong online brand identity.

Set-up Email Addresses

You can set-up personalized email addresses for the company, yourself and your employees. If you set-up a system to accept emails on your site you can consequently send email updates, notices, sales and holiday store hours to your customers. Furthermore, this creates a good impression in customer’s mindset as well.

Build Your Reputation

Become or remain the expert by demonstrating knowledge and expertise in your area of work. Write blog posts and articles on the site that educate visitors and help them understand your business and offerings.

Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Improve Customer Service

Information requests can be processed immediately via online forms and auto-responders automatically day or night.

Two-Way Communication

Customers can quickly and easily contact you, give feedback on your products or ask about product availability.

When You Change Locations

In addition to the above, if you move your business to a new location your customers can still find you because your main marketing tool, your website, is easily changed and updated. Your website is flexible and if your search engine optimization is done properly your business will appear to online visitors who search for you.

Market Reach
Improve Reach

Expand Your Market

The Internet allows businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible from any of the worlds by a potential customer that has an Internet connection. Selling products online is almost cheaper and easier for you and your customers.

Extend Your Local Reach

Extend the local reach of your brick-and-mortar store to consumers around the world. You are open for business 24/7 – 365 days/year with all the information. Therefore, the visitors can make an informed decision.

Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness

Placing your website address on all of your promotional material will help you gain additional exposure and encourage the visitors to first check your site for the information they are seeking. Due to this, the effectiveness of ads improves and you can reap the online business benefits even more.

Improve Efficiency
Improve Efficiency

Low Cost Market Research

You can feature visitor polls and online surveys to take the pulse of your customers.

Great Tool for Finding New Employees

You can post job opportunities for available positions and applicants can therefore investigate your company and apply online.

Available Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Your business available 24*7-365 for your customers & for yourself.

Process Digitization

Save time, money with digitized records, orders, sales & history

Role of digital marketing in your Business?

The digital age and the easy availability of the Internet on desktops and smart phones have seen oodles of people across the globe onto social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Role of digital marketing has seen a sharp rise. Therefore, the shift of marketing from offline to digital space has not been just a spur of the moment but online digital marketing is here to stay.

Needless to say, the social media is a haven for top quality leads for your business!


Understanding role of digital marketing

Digital marketing is simply marketing of product or services using digital channels.

The growth trajectory of social media across the globe is tremendous. Why not use this to the advantages of promoting your business?

Earlier when advertisements were prepared they were deployed on a particular location with a possible target market. However, now the time has changed and with social media. Furthermore, the capability provided by social media is tremendous –

  • Ability to Target – Means you can pick the age group, location, gender to whom you would like to pitch your advertisement
  • Real time engagement – Let your customer interact with you in real time. It does help to create a better reputation
  • Feedback on ad campaign performance – Insights and statistics give you a very clear picture as to how the ads or promotion is performing
  • Cost of the ad campaign – The budget of your campaigns can be as low in cost as you want. You control the ads – budget, duration and every parameter.

Furthermore, let us try and understand in a simplified manner about its capabilities. Here is how social media can help you market your business efficiently:

Enhance Marketing Reach Locally and Internationally

When you advertise on Facebook or LinkedIn you can target you ads to a local area or can publish them across the globe, generating leads in India or Overseas.

Social Media platforms can also generate a lot of free traffic with Facebook business pages or Twitter.

People often share and like content of similar interest.

Reduce Marketing Costs enhance target market

The ability to laser target ads to your target market demographic will ensure that your ad is shown only to people who are interested in it, and will not waste money on unnecessary clicks.

Create a reputation and establish a strong Brand

As people know your organization name using Social Media and followed up by a good quality product and service delivery will establish you as a brand in your industry (does not matter how small or big, its still your business, right!).

Improve Marketing Strategies and Campaigns with Analytics and Insights
When you run digital marketing campaigns,
it is possible to get a feedback as to what your website visitors were doing on your website, this will help you optimize future campaigns.

How to Promote your Business Online?

Establish Brand Value
Establishing Brand Value and why it is important?
  • What is Brand precisely then? Your brand is your identity in your target market, how people think of your company.
  • Why it’s needed – A good brand increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and as a result makes acquiring new customer easier.
  • Consequently, any brand is a perception of people towards your company, customer service, reputation, advertising and logo.
  • Branding is the first important aspect of the answer to the question as to how to increase sales online.
Customer Retension
Improve Customer Experience and hence retention and lifetime value

In earlier times and today’s times one thing that has not changed is that “customer is the king”

Customer experience is of utmost importance for retention of a customer, as customers now have way too many choices, they can easily change the vendor. This is another key pillar which completes the answer to the question as to how to increase sales online.

Happy and delighted customers tell their friends and family about your product as a result getting free and very effective word of mouth marketing.

Successful and unsuccessful marketing or sales strategies can be easily identified based on analytics and customer feedback.

Enhance Market Reach
Enhance Market Reach using Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when only customers used to search the service or product provider. Now product or service providers equally need to be on the lookout for prospective customers. Business have to continuously market their products so that they are not forgotten or eaten up by competition.

Digital Marketing provides a great low-cost and high-efficiency medium of marketing your business, the key Advantages of digital marketing are tremendous:

  • Maximize the customer engagements
  • Cheaper than traditional mediums
  • Customer reach is far wider
  • Use laser targeted ads on facebook or other social media to drive traffic to your sites.
  • Options of marketing channels are way more
  • Build a level of trust, faith and reputation of business
  • Automatically follow-up with customers using e-mailers / sms
Improve Operational Efficeincy
Improve Operational Efficiency with Digitized Business Processes

Improving operations processes can:

  • bring coordination between people, process and technology 
  • empowering your complete business
  • significantly improving quality of product & service delivery
  • with happy and delighted customers

Increase profitability by reducing:

  • production and delivery costs
  • increased productivity throughput.

Improve overall business efficiency:

  • Records are maintained in an orderly and systematized manner.
  • Improved efficiency leads to improved services and happier customers.
E-commerce Sales Channel
Add e-commerce sales channels to your Business

While we are trying to find the answer to the question as to how to increase sales online. Let’s face a fact, almost all products and services don’t sell themselves. At basic level sales happens when we:

  • Make an effort to get a customer’s attention
  • Customer can see value of product or service
  • Customer feels comfortable that seller can be trusted
  • It easy for customers to pay you

Setting-up a e-commerce web portal for your business enables you to:

  • receive payments from anywhere in the world
  • and in any currency

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