Carb Fishing Trips are organised at the many estuarine waters of Goa, as well as in the submerged fields, mist the mangrove and palm trees.

John's Crab Fishing TripJohn's Crab Fishing TripJohn's Crab Fishing TripJohn's Crab Fishing Trip

Fishing for crabs isn’t exactly a thing for those obsessed with hygiene. A rustic outdoor sport in those parts of Goa which are far from the tourism spotlight.

Fishing for crabs is done with the help of handmade traps. A trap called a ‘cobllem’ in Konkani consists of a circular ring, made of metal.With another rod running across the diameter. A loose hanging net is secured to one side of the ring.

Crab traps usually set up during high tide as chances of catching a crab increases. But one can get good crabs even during low tide where the water is deep. The trap is rests at the bottom of the river bed and you can sit in the boat and sip on your beer in the meantime.

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