This trip heads upstream to catch the Crocs in their riverside habitat. Let your hair down and toast to the two scenic islands of Chorao and Divar. What will evoke your keen interest is the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary located among the Mangroves and the flat bottom ferries that transport people and vehicles across the river. The flora and fauna on this trip is amazing.

John Rodrigues recalls that Mugger crocodiles exist only in two locations in Goa –one in Opa River and another in the brackish waters of Cumbarjua. The huge, fierce looking crocodiles with dagger-like teeth are seen on the banks of the village of Cumbarjua. The 15 kms Cumbarjua canal connects the two main rivers of Goa—the Mandovi and the Zuari. The ‘mugger’ crocodiles are said to be less harmless than their salt-water cousins who prey on livestock and sometimes humans

. It is believed that about 100 years ago, some of these crocodiles were floated in the waters to keep away enemies.

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